Real Estate Services

In 2024, Caplan Capital Management launched a new platform to provide investment management and advanced wealth planning services to real estate professionals, developers and owners. Led by former real estate professional Joseph Caplan, this platform merges the unique nature of the real estate industry with traditional portfolio and wealth management services.


Our Real Estate Services

  • Asset Management
    • Portfolio Diversification & Optimization
    • Real Estate and Interest Rate Hedging Strategies
    • Risk Management
    • Liquidity and Cash Flow Management
  • Wealth Management
    • Financial Planning
    • General Tax Planning and Preparation
    • Estate Planning and Trust Solutions
  • Real Estate
    • Real Estate Tax Planning
      • Dispositions and Planning (1031 exchanges, DSTs)
      • Depreciation/Accelerated Depreciation
      • Cost Segregation Analysis
      • Entity Selection
      • Qualified Opportunity Zones
    • Real Estate Valuation
    • Sourcing and Analyzing New Real Estate Opportunities
    • Sourcing and Structuring Financing (Equity and Debt)
    • Macroeconomic Analysis

Our Process

Step 1: Learn About the Client and Build a Financial Plan

Our process begins with a comprehensive review of a client’s assets, liabilities, investment objectives, risk tolerance and overall financial profile. We then create a personalized financial plan to map out a client’s financial future.

In the planning process, we include:

  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Liquidity Management
  • Tax Strategies
  • Comprehensive Risk Analysis


Step 2: Asset Allocation

By combining our in-house macroeconomic views with historical asset class performance, we create an asset allocation framework based on the client’s investment objectives and risk parameters. One of the key features of our asset allocation process is the rigorous valuation of a client’s real estate holdings while assessing the key risks associated with each asset. In addition, we aim to assess a client’s real estate holdings in the context of a broader portfolio. Thereafter, we take a proactive approach to diversifying client portfolios across asset classes, including cash, fixed income, public equities and alternatives, with periodic portfolio rebalancing to stay in line with the stated objectives.

Step 3: Portfolio Management and Ongoing Financial Planning

Portfolios and financial plans will require ongoing review. Financial plans will be reviewed on an annual basis, at minimum, or anytime there are significant changes to the financial plan. Portfolios will be monitored to ensure that the investments best reflect the financial and investment plan.

Investment advisory services are offered through Mariner Independent Advisor Network (MIAN); other services may be provided by affiliates or third parties and may be subject to additional fees. MIAN does not provide legal/tax advice or tax preparation services.

Diversification and asset allocation are investment strategies designed to help manage risk, but they cannot ensure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market. Investing involves risk, including the potential loss of principal, and there can be no guarantee that any investing or planning strategy will be successful.

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